The Company

CONDE SPORTS INTERNATIONAL is a company devoted to consulting and product supply in the sports sector. Many years of experience at the highest levels -in professional competitions- grant the adequacy of our solutions for all the needs promoters and sports entities may have.

More than 14 years working in this field endorse us when offering solutions and guaranteeing the quality of use and exploitation of our products. We have obtained satisfaction levels in the entities with whom we have worked.

The Founder

Our founder Jose Antonio Conde has been a first-level athlete as a professional tennis player at the ATP circuit for 12 years. He was among the 274 world’s best players according to the Official Singles ranking, and among the 89 world’s best players in the Official Doubles ranking. In the second category, he was doubles partner with players such as Jordi Arresse and Alex Corretja. He defended Spain in different categories, getting to be World’s Champion at the Galea Cup, along Spain’s National Tennis Team. Besides, in February 2012, he represented Spain at the Seniors World Championship.

The Team

Our team consists of dynamic, pro-active and highly qualified professionals, with many years of experience in different fields of the sport’s sector. The sum of the skills of our team grants the best service to our clients.